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Masdar Celebrates World Energy Day

21 Oct 2015 Press Release
Masdar City

World Energy Day was celebrated for the first time three years ago, after being called by the World Energy Forum. The UAE led the signing ceremony at the time of the International Declaration for the World Energy Day, along with several other heads of states and governments participating at the 2012 World Energy Forum held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dr Ahmad Belhoul, CEO of Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, in ongoing support for World Energy Day being celebrated today, said:

“World Energy Day highlights the importance of society's choices relating to energy production and the environment, while also aiming to support the policies and solutions that increase energy efficiency across various sectors and countries. At Masdar we believe that sustainable development can only be achieved through collective, international cooperation. Therefore, we remain fully committed to the objectives of this annual global highlight on the energy calendar.

“Looking to the future, Masdar will continue being a champion for the deployment of clean energy to not only deliver sustainable energy solutions that will help meet the future needs of Abu Dhabi and the people of the greater UAE, but also to ensure that Masdar performs as a responsible energy player whose priority, among others, is limiting the impact of climate change – for the benefit of the country as well as for the entire planet.

“On World Energy Day, Masdar – as a leading supporter of COP 21 – wants to highlight that the accelerated use of sustainable renewable energies which also bring about a big reduction of pollution, remain essential solutions to promote climate change mitigation. We are confident that focused mutual efforts of local, regional and global energy stakeholders alike will result in positive outcomes worldwide, for the benefit of generations to come.”

Masdar Staff