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Delegation from Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh Visits Masdar City

20 Aug 2014
Destination, VIP Visits

Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his delegation from the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh visited Masdar City today. They met senior members of Masdar City’s management, and were given a guided tour to showcase the city as an example of sustainability and urban planning best practices. Prior to the tour, the delegation received a comprehensive briefing from Masdar executives, including Mr. Mohammed Al Ramahi, Chief Operating Officer of Masdar, Mr. Anthony Mallows, Director of Masdar City, and Ms. Mahra Khalid Al Quassimi, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications.

During their briefings, the delegates were informed about the establishment and subsequent development of Masdar City, and its role in knowledge expertise and technology transfer. The tour also included a discussion of Masdar City’s role in advancing renewable energy adoption globally, and highlighted the city as an illustrious example of sustainable applications in urban planning.

Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan commended Masdar’s success and leadership in the field of sustainability, and clean technology. He also praised the pioneering scientific and technological research led by Masdar Institute. In concluding his visit, the Chief Minister reiterated the importance and mutual benefits stemming from a close collaboration between the UAE and India in the field of renewable energy and sustainability. 

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