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Masdar City to Showcase its Recent Growth and Business Opportunities During Abu Dhabi Sustainability

10 Jan 2014 Press Release

MasdarCity representatives will be showcasing the city’s latest developments andachievements at the Masdar stand during the World Future Energy Summit (WFES),January 20-22. Representatives will highlight the attractive businesspossibilities of the city’s free zone and “One-Stop-Shop” service, which enablesseamless registration and office leasing within Abu Dhabi’s sustainable city.

WFES ispart of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2014 – the largest gathering onsustainability in the Middle East.

“We are excited to share with the AbuDhabi business community the tremendous growth and investment possibilitiesthat Masdar City offers,” said Anthony Mallows, director ofMasdar City. “As an economic free zone, and through our One-Stop Shop services,businesses have ease and flexibility to make Masdar the first choice whenlocating in Abu Dhabi or entering the Middle East. Today, business owners canregister their companies online and save precious time when locating in one ofthe most sustainable cities in the world.”

Masdar City’sOne-Stop Shop is a platform where business owners can seamlessly register theircompanies. The service fast-tracks employees’ visa processing and submitsdocuments to various Abu Dhabi government agencies. After registration, businessesselect the type of space that meets their requirements, ranging from workstations to custom designed buildings. One-Stop Shop also makes it easy forbusinesses to contract necessary supporting services, from translators toinformation technology providers.

MasdarCity’s status as an economic free zone offers several competitive financialadvantages to businesses. Firms based in Masdar City pay zero import tariffsand taxes, have no foreign currency restrictions and face no barriers on themovement of capital. The free zone also permits companies to maintain 100percent foreign ownership.

MasdarCity grew in 2013. The city’s nucleus, the Masdar Institute of Science andTechnology, more than doubled the size of its campus. In addition, over 30,000m2 of commercial office buildings were added, housing more than 60 companiesranging from start-ups to multinational corporations. Separately, progress was alsomade in building the global headquarters for both Masdar and the InternationalRenewable Energy Agency.

“Muchprogress has been achieved this past year,” said Mallows, “and we look forwardto showcasing this year’s developments and our plans for future growth at theWorld Future Energy Summit.

Masdarcontinues to pioneer a “greenprint” for how cities can accommodate for denserpopulations, while reducing energy, water and waste,” added Mallows. “Butsustainability also goes beyond resource efficiency – it’s also about offering completecommunities that enhance lifestyle and create an environment where people canlive, work and play.”

Masdar City is alow-carbon, mixed-use development that pushes the boundaries of smart designand technology – making it one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Thecity’s cluster of high-performance buildings showcase how sustainability –using dramatically less energy and water – is cost competitive.

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