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Winners of ADSW Artwork Competition Receive Prizes

27 Jan 2013 Press Release

Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, today awarded iPhones and iPad minis to five students who won the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Artwork Competition.

Masdar held the contest so that young people would be encouraged to join the dialogue surrounding sustainability, in advance of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW). The series of conferences and events, which took place January 13-17, was the largest gathering on sustainability in the history of the Middle East.

The contest asked students to submit artwork that artistically and creatively addressed the question, “What does a green, sustainable future look like in the UAE?” The competition received more than 50 entries from 18 schools across Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and even one from a university in Cairo, Egypt.

“Our young people represent the future of our planet, and Masdar’s art competition symbolized our commitment to education and innovation as important drivers of sustainability,” said Aida Al Busaidy, who is responsible for Masdar’s youth outreach programs. “Highlighting the beginning of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, the contest engaged young minds to show that they, too, are an important part of the conversation about sustainable solutions.”

The engagement of youth in the dialogue about sustainability is part of an ongoing Masdar outreach program aimed at connecting young people with the theme of sustainability.

The five winners of the contest are:

• Maitha Sultan Saif Alnuaimi, 13, an Emirati Grade 8 student at Al Asayel School in Abu Dhabi, who won an iPhone  for her color drawing of a city running on renewable energy supplied by Masdar; 

• Lucy Choi Ji Soo, 15, a Year Nine student at the British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi, who won an iPhone for her drawing of an hourglass concept that shows renewable energy emerging over time; 

• Madhur Singal, 14, in Grade 10 at the Delhi Private School in Sharjah, who won an iPhone for his painting titled, “My Dream, A Green UAE;”

• Mohammed Zoheb, 13, a Grade 7 student at Our Own English High School, Boys Branch in Sharjah, who won an iPad mini for his painting of a leaf growing in the desert with images of sustainable living inside of it; and

• Mostafa Sedky, 20, in his third year at the American University of Cairo, Egypt, won an iPad mini for his concept of how renewable energy reduces the carbon footprint of buildings. 

The winners were chosen based on how creatively they expressed the importance of sustainability.

“I love drawing everything new, and I like the Masdar idea,” said winner Maitha Sultan Saif Alnuaimi, a UAE national. “Additionally, I would like to help the development of renewable energy.”

Winner Lucy Choi Ji Soo said she wants to get the word out about sustainability.

“I hope my drawing sends the message I wanted to tell about how Masdar City is environmentally friendly,” said Lucy, referring to Abu Dhabi’s sustainable, low-carbon urban development that is powered by renewable energy. “I participated because I had an experience with my parents visiting Masdar City, and I thought it would be great to participate in the competition to show my first impression.” 

Masdar Staff