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Consul General and UAE Students in the US See Solar Impulse 2 Off From Phoenix

14 May 2016 Press Release

His Excellency Abdulla Alsaboosi, Consul General of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Los Angeles, and Emirati students studying in the US, witnessed Solar Impulse 2 take-off today on the next stage of its journey around the world.

The next stop will see it touch down in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before continuing its journey towards the eventual finish-line in Abu Dhabi. Prior to take off, the Consul General wished the pilots safe travels and Hasan Al Redaini, UAE national traveling with the mission, spoke to the group of students about the importance of Solar Impulse 2 to the UAE and Masdar.

His Excellency Alsaboosi said: “The UAE, through Masdar, and Solar Impulse share a visionary spirit and a common goal of advancing renewable energy. Therefore, I am delighted to be here today to be able to send this beacon of innovation onto the next stage of its journey. This trip also underscores Abu Dhabi’s leadership in sustainable and clean energy. I am proud of the UAE and Masdar for supporting such an innovative initiative that demonstrates what can be done for a better, cleaner and sustainable future. I wish the pilots a safe journey as they make their way towards the finish line in Abu Dhabi.”

On his part, Hasan Al Redaini, said: “One of Solar Impulse’s most significant activities is youth engagement, inspiring young people to adopt an innovative mindset. I am very happy to see the same reaction everywhere around the world: curiosity and inspiration. And being around Emiratis in the US makes me happy knowing our country is supporting innovation that has a real impact on mindsets of young people right across the globe.”

Making its way back to Abu Dhabi, Si2 will head across the US and towards New York from where it will traverse the Atlantic Ocean. It will make stops at key destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East before returning to the UAE’s capital to complete its global journey later this year.

Masdar Staff