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Masdar Showcases Off-Grid Military Energy Solutions at IDEX

19 Feb 2013 Press Release
Clean Energy

IDEX, which takes place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from February 17-21, is the largest defence exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa and is held biennially under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE.

The state-of-the-art, off-grid energy technology was built in the UAE in partnership with Masdar’s New Ventures team, ZeroBase Energy and Sultan Bin Rashed Industrial Group. The technology combines renewable energy charging of up to 3,000 watts using integrated or mobile solar PV arrays, battery storage and a power management system that enables customers to reduce generator fuel consumption by up to 70 percent. Noise levels are significantly reduced and a single unit can provide energy autonomy for up to three days.

Rashed Al Dhaheri, head of Special Projects, Masdar New Ventures, said: “Military bases primarily rely on power from nearby utilities and depend on diesel-fueled generators during blackouts. To avoid vulnerabilities in the battle field and reduce the dependency on fuel, the military has been vocal in supporting advancements in off-grid renewable energy technology. The T-Series’ hybrid technology enables flexibility in the field and the advantage of power-on-demand while in remote locations – no matter how harsh the environment. 

“This technology, together with Masdar’s expertise, is providing support services to a growing list of defense clients all over the region,” added Al Dhaheri. “Masdar continues to push the technology envelope in search of sustainable solutions to real-life challenges. Our defense sector expertise is an illustration of that.” 

The cost of energy used for defense and military operations can amount to billions of dollars annually. 

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), for example, is the biggest single energy user in the country. It accounts for 93 percent of U.S. government fuel consumption and 30,000 gigawatt hours of electricity annually – enough to power 2.6 million American homes. DoD recently embarked on a mission to source 25 percent of its power from renewable energy by 2025. 

By providing tailored solutions for governments, NGOs, non-profit organizations, aid progams and regional armed forces, Masdar operates as a center of excellence for the end-to-end delivery of off-grid renewable energy, water and waste management projects. These projects can reduce, costs, eliminate an over reliance on logistical support as well as the risks associated with fossil fuel supplies. They also provide a clean and reliable source of energy where traditional methods are impractical or impossible.

“Masdar’s collaborative approach to the development of technology enables us to keep pace with changing nature of client demands and the growing need for robust defence, security and emergency response infrastructure,” continued Al Dhaheri. “Masdar welcomes the opportunity to work with partners and providers of technology in the fields of energy, water and waste management, with the aim of bringing the best value and most practical clean-tech solutions to our clients.”

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