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Future Skills 2030 report issued at ADSW 2019

16 Jan 2019
Strategic Platforms, Reports

The Future Skills 2030 report was released at this year’s edition of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week to explore the driving forces behind the fast-changing job market, and the new skills needed to stay competitive in a shifting global landscape.

Against a backdrop of rapidly changing market forces, government interests, business needs and environmental imperatives, the world of work and the skills required are also evolving just as quickly.

Beginning by analysing the impact of specific new technologies like AI and VR/AR, the report outlines the drive towards sustainability and its effects on the job market. It also notes the subsequent likelihood of socio-demographic shifts and analyses which skills will be eroded in importance and which will be needed more than ever before.

Based on extensive critical analysis of new and existing peer-reviewed research, the infographic report lays down expected job market trends and skills insights.

The report outlines the five driving forces shaping the future of jobs and skills, including rapid technological progress, the drive towards sustainability, socio-demographic shifts, personal purpose and responsibility, and changes in business and the economy.

The report also details how these forces will impact the economy and workforce by creating or eroding jobs, or pushing employees towards re-skilling. To read the report Click here

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