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Honeywell Innovation Center at Masdar City to Advance Digitalization Across UAE

22 Apr 2019 Press Release
Masdar City, Innovation

Honeywell, the global technology leader, today launched its new Honeywell Masdar Innovation Center in Abu Dhabi in the presence of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, and senior Honeywell leadership.

A new milestone for the region, the innovation and knowledge-exchange hub is designed to advance digital transformation across the oil, gas, petrochemical and infrastructure sectors. The Center, located in Masdar City, will be home to the latest automation solutions from across the globe and the region, including those assembled in the UAE. It includes cutting-edge solutions for smart buildings and cities as well as technology for fire, security, personal safety, and intelligent wearables. Innovative digital solutions for oil and gas processing plants providing enhanced safety, reliability and competency within a cybersecure environment will also be on display. The solutions showcased at the Innovation Center focus on making these industries smarter, safer, more efficient, productive and sustainable.

The Innovation Center contains a demonstration space with exhibition and conference areas to benefit the industry in the UAE and the broader Middle East. In addition, the facility supports Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) In Country Value (ICV) program and their latest digitalization initiative – Oil & Gas 4.0 – to support the advancement of the UAE’s oil and gas and clean energy sector.

“We are immensely proud that Honeywell, a global Fortune 100 technology leader, has chosen Masdar City as the home for its new Innovation Center, thereby expanding their presence here. This is an investment in Abu Dhabi’s growing knowledge economy that will further raise the international profile of Masdar City as a hub for sustainability and the home of innovation and next-generation technologies in the emirate,” said Masdar CEO Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi.

“The inauguration of the Honeywell Masdar Innovation Center is a fantastic endorsement of everything Masdar City stands for, and a further boost for the city’s growing community.”

Services for engineering design, application software development, and support for new product introductions to the local market are part of the Innovation Center’s focus. It also hosts a lab for calibration of measuring equipment such as gas detectors. It is co-located with the Honeywell Customer Solutions Center in Masdar City, which specializes in in-country certified assembly, integration and testing for advanced oil and gas automation technologies for customers across the UAE and in neighboring countries. “Our investment in the Honeywell Masdar Innovation Center demonstrates our commitment to the UAE and advances innovation, connectivity, and digital transformation,” said Norm Gilsdorf, president, Honeywell, High Growth Regions, Middle East, Russia and Customs Union. “This Center localizes the assembly of UAE tailored technologies and delivers end-to-end solutions from Abu Dhabi to our customers in the region. The Center enables us to offer more training to the local workforce, while supporting Masdar and the UAE’s efforts in creating greater sustainability and energy efficiency.”

The launch of the Innovation Center in Abu Dhabi follows the inauguration of Honeywell’s high-tech office complex and Customer Solutions Center in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, in 2017, and the launch of the Honeywell Technology Experience Center and Honeywell Industrial Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Dubai last year, representing continued significant investment and commitment from Honeywell to the region.

Honeywell has been serving customers in the Middle East for more than 60 years, and has been operating in Abu Dhabi for decades. The company’s solutions blend physical products with advanced software to create value for industries while supporting long-term national development visions and economic diversification across the region.

The following technologies will be demonstrated at the Honeywell Masdar Innovation Center:

  • Experion® Orion Console, improves situational awareness, reducing operator fatigue, enabling greater operator mobility, and improving productivity in the plant.
  • Experion® Virtualization Solutions for process automation, helps users reduce the lifecycle management costs of their systems.
  • Safety Manager, enables plant safety by minimizing incidents, production uptime, and reducing the cost of compliance.
  • Industrial Honeywell OneWireless™ Network, helps industrial facilities meet higher productivity goals and stricter security and environment regulations, while providing maximum flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership for end users.
  • Command and Control Suite, provides real-time contextual information, complemented with intuitive task lists, for a wide range of plant safety and security tasks.
  • Modular Systems – ControlEdge™ PLC, a powerful and scalable controller capable of all remote automation and control applications, solves the most remote requirements for the Oil & Gas industry.
  • Connected Plant provides an enterprise operational technology platform for optimal utilization of the plant infrastructure, utilizing data along and precise digital twins – making every day the best day of production, and every worker the best worker.
  • Skills and Safety Intelligent Wearables (Immersive Competency – Movilizer), connects field workers with remote experts in real time and allows them to assimilate valuable skills and knowledge while working.
  • • Integrated Fire and Gas Solutions provide a layered approach to safety, encompassing both process and system technology, and the people who interact with that technology.
  • Industrial Security, offers a spectrum of physical security solutions for industrial facilities with a complete core offering tightly integrated seamlessly to users' control systems. 

Honeywell ( is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help everything from aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable. For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit

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