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Sustainability Ambassadors honoured for completion of year-long programme

23 Apr 2019
Strategic Platforms, Youth

A group of 39 senior high school students from the Sustainability Ambassadors Programme was honoured today at Masdar for successfully completing their year-long training and mentorship experience.

The programme, which aims to empower UAE youth to play an active role in driving a sustainable future, was launched in 2016 at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. In February this year, Masdar collaborated with the UAE Ministry of Education (MoE) to incorporate the Sustainability Ambassadors into the MoE’s Innovation Ambassador Programme 2019.

HE Dr. Amna Al Dahhak Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Welfare and Activities Sector, Ministry of Education, and Dr. Lamya Fawwaz, Executive Director of Brand &Strategic Initiatives, Masdar, presented certificates of completion to the second batch of Sustainability Ambassadors at the graduation ceremony.

HE Dr. Al Shamsi stressed the importance of partnering with specialised national establishments such as Masdar to support educational outcomes and enhance the skills of students in various areas covered by national strategies to achieve the UAE centennial 2071 Plan.

During the year, members of the 2019 Sustainability Ambassadors programme participated in workshops and activities that enriched their understanding of sustainability, leadership, responsibility and teamwork. They learned to apply innovative problem-solving skills, gained key insights into how to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and gained valuable career skills that will prepare them for a future in sustainability.

The Sustainability Ambassadors also had the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with Heads of State, ministers, business leaders and more than 3,000 students at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2019, giving them the chance to play an active role in one of the world’s largest sustainability gatherings.

This year, the Sustainability Ambassadors programme extended opportunities abroad to three of its members who experienced an overseas visit to China, while a second group will travel to the United Kingdom this summer to further strengthen their knowledge and gain invaluable professional insights

The programme, which runs from October to March, culminates with the Eco-thon challenge and tasks members to develop and implement sustainability related project in their high school and local communities. Members of the 2019 Sustainability Ambassadors programme developed social awareness campaigns to promote greater knowledge and understanding about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Sustainability Ambassadors programme provides high school students from around the UAE a unique educational experience and access to global leaders, senior business executives and academics engaged in sustainability through events such as Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. The programme falls under Masdar’s Youth 4 Sustainability initiative, which includes the Future Sustainability Leaders programme – an educational experience aimed at empowering university students and young professionals to become the next generation of sustainability leaders capable of carrying forward the sustainability agenda – and other youth-related initiatives.

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