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Masdar CEO highlights company’s role in UAE’s diversification strategy: The Business Year

20 May 2020

Masdar Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, is featured in a VIP interview with The Business Year, where he outlines the role Masdar’s establishment has played in Abu Dhabi's diversification strategy, both for its energy mix and the economy. 

“While Masdar's main objective is to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel power generation, it is also contributing to diversifying the economy,” Al Ramahi told the global media group. “Since its establishment in 2006, Masdar has combined its unique access to talent and capital to create a new source of economic value for the UAE.” 

Masdar’s mandate also included helping Abu Dhabi achieve its goal of 7 percent of energy coming from renewables – a target that has been exceeded, the CEO said. The company today is helping to commercialize technologies in solar power, wind, sustainable real estate, and waste-to-energy, while also supporting sustainability goals for the UAE and other countries it is active in. 

Masdar’s international investments also adds to the UAE’s capabilities, with Masdar learning how renewable energy policies are developing in other countries and bringing “this expertise back to Abu Dhabi,” the CEO said. 

To read the full interview, click here.