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Future Sustainability Leaders embark on month-long boot camp

30 May 2020
Youth, Strategic Platforms

Masdar’s Youth 4 Sustainability platform, in collaboration with Krypto Labs and The Catalyst, have launched a month-long boot camp, titled ‘Pitch It to Win It’ covering the basics of entrepreneurship.

Members of the Future Sustainability Leaders program, a structured year-long training program for youth aged 18 to 35, will be taking part in the boot camp, which will prepare them for the next Ecothon+ competition, challenging participants to develop and present a business pitch.

Facilitated through weekly digital workshops covering topics including customers and market research, developing a business model, marketing and sales strategies, financial planning and crisis management, participants will learn how to plan, start and maintain their own business.

The program’s inaugural virtual workshop was presented by Anas Zeineddine, Executive Director of Krypto Labs, who explored the state of start-ups, innovation and entrepreneurship during COVID-19.

“Amidst the current crisis, entrepreneurs can find opportunities and bounce back through innovation and digitization. In the recession years of 2008 to 2009, many tech startups thrived, and over 50 tech unicorns emerged from that time, such as Airbnb, Asana, and Quora,” said Zeineddine

“Startups can survive the slowdown caused by the impact of COVID-19 by conducting a proper assessment of their expenses, reconsidering their business model, establishing a contingency plan, capitalizing on the current situation and new opportunities presented, and remaining patient in their quest towards securing investments. By truly engaging with the market and assessing what it needs today, startups will succeed in remaining relevant now and after the crisis.”

He added: “At Krypto Labs, we are running all our programs remotely, which is enabling us to collaborate with talents across the world, defying all limits and borders, and ultimately, empowering us to find newer means to innovation.”

The workshop was attended by over 47 participants who had the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights from an industry expert

The boot camp continues this week with a session on Customer Discovery & Market Research, presented Cinar Kurra, CEO of The Catalyst.

Are you a university student or a young professional interested in leading the sustainability agenda? Join the Future Sustainability Leaders program, part of Youth 4 Sustainability, one of Masdar’s strategic initiatives dedicated to the education, empowerment and engagement of youth. Learn more here.