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Khaled Abdulla Al Qubaisi highlights the importance of resilience during third Masdar Live

11 Jun 2020

Masdar today hosted the third edition of Masdar Live, a virtual town hall event for employees. Today’s event featured Khaled Abdulla Al Qubaisi, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace, Renewables & Information Communications Technology (ICT) at Mubadala, who updated employees on activities across the platform, reflected on the year so far and looked ahead towards the future.

Masdar CEO Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi began the session by thanking Al Qubaisi, and the platform for their constant support and guidance. 
Al Qubaisi warmly thanked Masdar employees for their hard work, commitment and resilience as they continue to work remotely.

He then provided a platform update, recognizing the dedication of the entire team working hard to overcome challenges posed by the pandemic, and in some cases contributing essential items to ensure the safety and wellbeing of frontline workers.  

“We’re not only a platform that is diversified across our sectors, we’ve also diversified our sector portfolios across a variety of types of investment to strengthen and build resiliency. We’re managing the pandemic fairly evenly - meaning some sectors aren’t as heavily impacted and are actually seeing various upside opportunities and some of our sectors are dealing with major challenges. This pandemic has demonstrated that the diversity in our portfolio is one of the keys to our resiliency as a platform and in fact, Mubadala’s resilience too.”

In line with the platform’s commitment to the fight against COVID-19, Al Qubaisi highlighted the ‘We Are Dedicated’ campaign as well as the importance of working together.

“There has never been a more important moment for business and government to come together, and help employees, communities, health organizations and agencies tackle the critical challenges society is facing. We are continually developing new initiatives and evolving our response strategy to help the world recover. And we are confident that by working together, we will emerge collectively stronger.”

He added: “I want to thank Masdar for its contributions to the campaign and congratulate you on the launch of your We Are Dedicated campaign showcasing your solutions and contributions at work. Aligning our message as one family shows what can be achieved through collaboration. There is no doubt that we are stronger as a team.”

Al Qubaisi wrapped up his address by giving a brief overview of the platforms’ back to office strategy, reassuring employees that the wellbeing and health of everyone is the first priority, and all necessary precautions and considerations will be taken to create a safe working environment.

In closing, Al Qubaisi noted the pride that all employees should feel working for organizations like Mubadala and Masdar:

“Not only are we a resilient, diversified business with a well balanced portfolio, but as a group we’ve come together to support our communities and demonstrate our commitment to the UAE, as well as many other places where we operate. I am very proud of the Masdar team.” 

The event ended with an engaging Q&A session.