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Hope Probe makes first contact on mission to Mars

20 Jul 2020

The UAE’s Hope Probe, the first Arab interplanetary mission to Mars, has successfully sent its first transmission from space, according to the UAE Space Agency and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre.

The Hope Probe blasted off from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Centre at 01:58am UAE time on Monday, and was successfully released from its rocket at 02:55am, before its solar panels were turned on and set to face the sun. The first transmission was received at the ground control station in Dubai at 03:11am.

The Hope Probe is anticipated to enter Mars’ orbit in the first quarter of 2021, coinciding with the UAE's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Upon arrival, the probe will orbit the Red Planet, using a range of scientific instruments to study the dynamics in the Martian atmosphere.

The environmental data gathered will enable scientists to gain a better understanding of the Red Planet’s climate – knowledge that can be applied to addressing climate challenges here on Earth. The UAE Space Agency, located in Masdar City, is implementing a range of projects to bolster environmental efforts and sustainable practices both in the UAE and abroad.

The Arab world’s first interplanetary mission is run by a team of 200 Emirati engineers. The achievements of the Emirates Mars Mission team include the development of 200 new designs and the manufacturing of 66 pieces of the probe components in the UAE.

Space exploration was one of the key pillars of this year’s Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, highlighting the critical innovations that have resulted from research in this sector, and its potential impact on driving sustainable development.