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Yousif Al Ali stresses importance of clean energy around the world

27 Sep 2020
Clean Energy, Insights


Renewable energy is increasingly providing electricity around the clock thanks to battery storage solutions, Yousif Al Ali, Executive Director of Clean Energy at Masdar told FinTech TV.

Speaking at the NEST Summit during Climate Week NYC 2020, Al Ali also discussed Masdar’s growing global footprint including its second strategic investment in the US with EDF Renewables, a 50 percent stake in a 1.6-gigawatt (GW) clean energy portfolio.

“If you look at the markets all over the world, the biggest, most accessible market is the US. It is the only market where you can deploy and acquire large-scale projects and investments,” said Al Ali.
“For Masdar to be able to grow and become the top renewable energy company in the world, we need to be present in the US.” 

This investment will add eight renewable energy projects to Masdar’s US portfolio, Al Ali explained, adding that renewable energy projects in the US and other countries will increasingly incorporate battery storage solutions as the technology continues to evolve. 

Watch the full interview here.