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Masdar Talks episode highlights the importance of sustainable mobility solutions

12 Nov 2020
Corporate, Insights, Masdar City

The latest edition of Masdar Talks highlighted the importance of sustainable transportation solutions for cities during a discussion on Masdar City’s mobility network and it’s NAVYA Autonom Shuttle. 

Stephen Severance, Head of Program Management and Marketing in Masdar’s Sustainable Real Estate division was joined by Jérôme Rigaud, Chief Operating Officer of French company NAVYA.   

The NAVYA Autonom Shuttle is a self-driving electric vehicle dedicated to first and last-mile transportation and is one of Masdar City’s most important mobility solutions. It carries up to 12 people with 8 seated, is fully autonomous and has a top operational speed of 25 kilometers per hour. 

Explaining the technology behind the vehicle, Rigaud said, “It’s a real concept of a new vehicle, which works autonomously. We have replaced the driver like that from a conventional car or bus with electronic components like software and a computer to enable the vehicle to drive by itself. The vehicle has sensors all around it to scout the surroundings, detect any obstacles, locate other vehicles and drive by itself.”  

“Masdar City for us is at the forefront of smart city solutions and we are very proud to deliver this service on a day-to-day basis at the city,” Rigaud added. 

The discussion focused on how Masdar City is a leader in sustainable mobility solutions, the importance of electric vehicles to reduce the carbon emissions of the transportation sector and the future aims of the autonomous sector to remove the safety driver currently in place in autonomous vehicles globally.  

To watch a recording of the session, please click here.