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WiSER white paper highlights importance of equitable energy access

14 Mar 2022
Strategic Platforms, WiSER

Masdar’s Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy (WiSER) strategic initiative has published a white paper on the positive impact of equitable energy access on inclusive sustainable development. Energy Access for All: A WiSER Perspective builds on roundtable discussions held during the 2022 WiSER Annual Forum, one of the key events of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. 

The virtual Forum brought together more than 80 delegates, including the then-President of Armenia, government ministers, business leaders, academics and youth representatives, to discuss equitable energy access issues. Participants looked at the barriers women face in accessing clean electricity, energy financing, and other resources that prevent them from participating in, and benefiting from, clean energy developments and policies. 

Importantly, Energy Access for All: A WiSER Perspective highlights how institutions and individuals can improve women’s access to energy finance, develop better-informed energy policies and infrastructure for equitable clean energy access, include more women in clean energy development and use, support more women-led energy entrepreneurship, and facilitate greater female representation in energy leadership and decision-making. 

The white paper includes insights from His Excellency Armen Sarkissian, former President of Armenia, as well as extended interviews with experts in business, engineering, research and development, and policymaking on clean energy access and the role of women in the renewable energy sector. 

To download the white paper, please click here.