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James Cameron visits Masdar City

Revered filmmaker and philanthropist James Cameron visited Masdar City, where he learned about the city’s journey to develop the world’s most sustainable low-carbon city. 

He was also given a comprehensive overview of Masdar's approach to tackling the complex sustainability challenges the world faces.

Cameron said: "Through Masdar, the leadership of the UAE has taken a visionary path towards the future. In the heart of a major oil producing nation, Masdar is a shining ideal of what a long term, sustainable future for energy can be.

"[Masdar City] is a test bed - and this is where the technology is going to come from that will allow us to have a renewable energy future," he added.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber, Masdar CEO, said: "The remarkable passion that James Cameron has for the environment and a healthy, thriving future is clearly seen in his works."