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Masdar Launches Heat Safety Awareness Campaign

25 Jun 2014

Abu Dhabi, UAE – June 26,

2014: Construction workers employed on projects withinMasdar City, including the new headquarters for the International RenewableEnergy Agency (IRENA), have been given advice and training on how to avoid heatrelated health problems while working in the high summer temperatures.

The heat safety awareness campaign, which included

advice on how to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, or heat stroke, and theimportance of staying well hydrated, was conducted by the Masdar City Health,Safety Department and Abu Dhabi Municipality and Mubadala ConstructionManagement Services.

“Masdar follows the highest standards not only with

sustainable construction and design, but also safety,” said Mohamed Al Ramahi,Masdar’s Chief Operating Officer. “It is important to train workers onpractices that will help them avoid heat related problems, and create a saferworkplace.”  

Masdar has issued safety bulletins to project contractors

that outline mandatory requirements, such as providing rehydration fluids andsupplements to workers before they arrive on site to reduce their risk of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. The safety bulletins also communicate the standardscontractors should implement to prevent heat stress on work sites. Posters highlightingthe dangers of heat related health problems and how to prevent them have alsobeen distributed across various projects within Masdar City.